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Take your business Online.Be seen in the e-crowd!

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Get ready to grow your bottom line?

This year, more shoppers will buy Online than ever. Here's how to ensure your business can be found and how to offer a great experience for your customers.

Here's how to get it right!

From the outset it is important to establish a clear understanding as to what your Online business might look like – and where it is heading.

Questions need to be asked with regards to automation, stock management, user experience, check-out and payment process and marketing.

A properly optimised Online solution will improve efficiency of the buy-sell process for you and your customers - as well as increase customer sign-ups and sales conversions.

If you want a great shopping experience

Consider this:

Your customers are in a hurry to search, find, compare and buy - here's how you can make the process smooth and easy... for you and for them.

1) How many products do you intend to sell.

How many products will you need to load, manage, sell and reconcile. The answer to this will guide your Online solution and level of automation.

2) What will automation do to save time and increase accuracy?

Auto-managing your stock with smart API's can improve efficiency of invoicing, pricing, stock availability, back-orders, notifications, reminders, etc.

3) Who can access and edit the website Admin?

Consider who needs permissions to access to sensitive operations such-as answering customer tickets, sales reports, customer refunds, etc.

4) What is the best Operating System (OS) for your business?

It's important to choose a system that can grow as your business grows - but also is easy for your site Admin to access and update as required.

5) Website build costs - knowing what you want to spend:

Engagement fees vary according to solution. It’s important to have a fair idea of your desired budget to achieve a user-friendly and effective solution.

6) How to collect your payments.

All eCommerce websites require a third party “payment processing portal”. Each payment provider has particular advantages. We can guide you.

7) Online shopping is growing - are you ready to join the trend?

Now is a great time to take advantage of Online sales growth. Consumers and business all benefit from Online services and delivery channels.

8) Be found - and attract new customers.

Online marketing strategies "talk directly to your customers". Be "noisy" and connect through a strategic mix of Social, Organic and Paid Online Media.

9) Online is your new sales channel.

Businesses with Online stores satisfy a demand for Online purchase and delivery. Being open 24/7 is a real benefit to both the business and customers - and will expand your bottom line sales and stores geographic reach.

When you are ready to create an Online Store - call Brett for a complimentary Online needs review.

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