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All Day Moisturising Skin Care and Sun Care



The best products always win in market - and this indepthskincare range was a sure starter. This New Zealand born skincare range has all the ingredients for success; a water-free base, skin-friendly, proven in the field, a functional cosmetic range - simply better than the rest - it cried out for excellence in naming, brand creation, packaging, point-of-sale and marketing solutions.


Phase3 Strategic Creative are proud of the work done to take this brand from a mere "thought" to being the "brand that is sought-after and highly valued" by customers who genuinely endorse this unique skincare range - especially those in sailing and high performance sports. The job of naming the brand "indepthskincare" and each brand/product variant was undertaken by Phase3 in a careful communication with the client FutecNZ Trading, with the final name selections allowing excellent scope for new products, range development and global expansion. Brand marketing and consumer education followed with a mix of strategies including trial, packaging, incentives and price.


The BIG challenge was to 'grow the brand profile and personality'. Creating trust and aspiration in market was achieved the only way possible on limited budget- product samples & trialling at major sports events where the product qualities excel and are most appreciated.  Building on the high-performance promise was one the brand could happily live up to. Creating an inspired fan-base helped to to feed trust and conversion with new consumers and brand ambassadors taking the brand from strength to strength.

And since the technology is water free and skin friendly - the next assignment was to introduce the range to Pets and Farm Animals - so following a few tweaks to the formula to ensure it was animal friendly all the way to the barn... Phase3 developed 'Petscreen' Pet Sunscreen and Pet Conditioner - which was quickly snapped up by leading Pet Stores, Chains and Supermarkets as a fabulous quality product, filling a gap in market with fun and funky pet friendly graphics and approachable brand positioning.


Like any great product and brand story - getting noticed online is one of the key areas to ensure the brand is communicating with potential and existing customers, it's a place to learn and sell and build brand loyalty and the result of the indepthskincare ecommerce solution delivers in all points - and is currently selling in five currencies around the world.

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