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Farmers Mill Limited engaged with Phase3™ to develop a positioning for their 'grower-owned' state of the art flour mill in South Canterbury; looking to highlight the unique offering and point of difference inherent in the 120 year old wheat farming history of South Canterbury and ensuring the 100% NZ Grown and Milled wheat and flour products positoining was well communicated and understood. To do this all aspects of the business, branding and operations were reviewed; new retail packaging was designed and marketed, commercial flour ranges re-named using local iconic geographic forms and new bags designed and printed to aid bakers to identify varieties. Online information and ecommerce were put in place along with upgrades to business communications in iconic sister businesses of 'grainstor' (grain storage silos) and seedlands, (seed dressing) operations.  This ensured all business operations were integral in the promotional and marketing mix. 



The Great NZ Bread Bake-Off

The Great New Zealand Bread Bake Off - brand and promotions collateral was created by Phase3 in collaboration with Farmers Mill Management to underline the Mill's expertise in supplying world-class flours to New Zealand's best bakers. The competition is open to all commercial bakeries and bakers and invites entries representative of all baking styles, drawing influence from eight classic baking countries of the world. The versatility and quality of Farmers Mill flours is matched with the best baking skills on show. The results speak for themselves - see:

Product Packaging

Creating added-value for Farmers Mill operations included the design and marketing of their own brand HOMEBAKE Artisan Bake-at-home premix range.  

Expo Design - Simple and effective

Taking the Farmers Mill Story to the Public and to Trade involved some well executed expo design and implementation in a number of high profile trade and food shows - Phase3 delivered with functional space planning, facilities and time management, 3D site design, graphics productions and installation. 

Online Communications.

Farmers Mill had special requirements for their ecommerce and general website operations - including auto-weight calculations for freighting, trade customer log-ins allowing purchase on account - coupled with a functional easy to use product catalogue and educational website promoting the Farmers Mill Story in an easy and engaging manner. 

Video - tells a wonderful story

Site visits to the Mill and local Grower Operations ensured the Farmers Mill story was captured on video for all to share. The Whakatauki is an original Maori composition, written for the Farmers Mill Growers, Families and Milling Operation - it weaves the story of the people, of colour, of working together to achieve bounty and harvest for all - and of being guardians of the land, nurturing and preserving knowledge of the past for the benefit of future generations.

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