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   Your Market-Ready Check-list.   

So you have a great new product or service that you want to launch onto the market; or you're already in-market and can see room for growth? And you may be wondering how you can go forward and grow your brands and business into the future?

This simple market-ready check list will help you to see if your product has the support it needs to grow and prosper in market.

Phase3 are your bottom line support partners to guide your marketing communications and consumer engagement.

It only takes one minute to review the checklist below and see where you can perhaps engage more energy into your marketing mix.


Have you analysed your market, so that you understand your point of difference, your USP and white-space available to your products?

Yes I understand my consumers and market space.

I'd appreciate a complimentary review & feedback.



Are your packaging & label designs supermarket ready - are they enticing with clear messages, positioning and legally accurate?

Yes my packaging looks good.

I'd appreciate a complimentary review & feedback.


Does your brand image and personality portray a style, look, feel and image, that is searched and preferred by your ideal customers? 

Yes my brand image is a perfect fit.

I'd appreciate a complimentary review & feedback.


Are your brands & products easily seen in today's crowded market?

Have you engaged some functional online and print media & promotional activities - so you can be seen, and be found?

Yes I'm seen and media is working well for me.

Yes good - but I'd appreciate some advice.

Ticked 'four yeses?' ... That's great!

Ticked 'looking for advice?' All good!  

Let's meet and discuss some new ideas and strategies.

In case you were wondering - there are no 100% correct answers :)  Whatever your outcome - there is always room for improvement and Phase3 extend a warm invitation to 'call us' and talk about your market objectives and what's key to driving your brand inspiration and customer engagement. 

   Phase3 Design Services. 

  • Market Scoping & Brand Growth Strategies.

  • Advertising and Marketing Creative.

  • Packaging and Branding.

  • Online Marketing & Digital Media.

  • Website Design, Hosting & Ecommerce.

  • Video and TVC story boards and production.

  • Budget Allocation & ROI Cost Analysis.

Call Brett on - 09 846 7495

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